In my job, I have the privilege of talking to all types of people every day. (Which honestly is one of the best perks of my job!) I’m in contact with people with jobseekers, current employees, HR, CEOs and after some of the candid conversations, I could write blog after blog on the dos and don’ts of workplace dynamics! So it’s not surprising that the overwhelming theme when talking with prospective employees about what they look for most in a workplace is CULTURE. Did you know that your company’s culture is important to your current and future employees? It really is.
Humans are emotional beings in every part of their life and the workplace is truly no different. We’re all searching for our place in this world. We are trying to find our purpose and trying to make an impact on those around us while soaking up everything the ride of life has to offer. It’s important to remember that while each journey is certainly different, we are all working towards a similar goal.
When the workplace has leadership that continuously discounts, criticizes, yells or uses colorful language while communicating with their staff, damaging the morale and stifling productivity, they become the biggest reason why employees make the choice not to stay. The truth is that employees leave bosses, NOT companies. Let me say it again – employees leave bosses, NOT companies.

There’s a reason this abusive type of behavior is happening and chances are the leader’s own internal issues and/or low self-esteem/personal disdain for themselves is the culprit. Regardless what it is, there’s no room for such behavior in the workplace. We all have a personal responsibility to treat others the way we want to be treated which is with respect and kindness, also known as the Golden Rule.
Maybe you’re asking yourself – how does the company culture really affect productivity? What can I do to gauge how my employees truly feel about their corporate culture? The answer is simple – ask them. Ask how they feel about coming to their workplace daily. Ask their opinion of the company culture and what could be done differently, if anything. Survey’s a great platform to honestly and safely express their thoughts on the environment without repercussions based on what’s said. Employees want to “feel” valued and appreciated. Productivity and customer service are essential to every successful business. And truthfully, it’s the employees delivering customer service that will make or break the business.

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