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Passion, Change and Awareness of Self!

Monday, March 14th, 2016

In 2011, I found myself taking the step back into self-employment. Granted, I have worked on commission for years, never getting a paycheck that I didn’t create with hard work and persistence. Knowing that I had residual income was some comfort, and yet I was giving that up. I am talented at people. Coaching them, motivating them, getting to the heart of who and what they are quickly and visualizing where they should fit. I also have had a passion around real estate. I was able to take these two passions and create a career in talent acquisition. My favorite industry to work within: Construction/Real Estate/Development.

Most people think their talents only lie in one area. I would disagree. Our passions are living, breathing, beings that are attached to us and we need to feed them to keep them well.

Unfortunately, I am consistently saddened through my observations of others who are not excited to perform their jobs. I previously thought I was simply more of an optimistic, positive, and happy person in general, than those friends and family members who complained about their jobs, co-workers, bosses, etc. After a few years of research, deep thinking, and reading a great book that I highly recommend by Simon Sinek called, “Start With Why”, I finally figured it out.

So many of those people I’d observed chose professions that do not match who they truly are. The difficulty we often run into within our society is that we can have a really hard time differentiating between what we think society wants us to do and what we truly want to do. Allowing ourselves to listen to that calling, we hear and feel deep down inside.

I’ve found a couple simple ways to discover where exactly people’s passions truly exist. The good news is I’ve found that most people already work for companies with the capabilities to really match who people truly are and to utilize their greatest skills – or “Freak Factor” as written about by author Dave Rendall.

One of the easiest ways to learn what people are truly passionate about is to ask the question, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” I’ve found that so many people think they are driven by money, so asking a question that implies the person would not have to worry about money typically gets right into that passion zone. It’s also rare someone says they would prefer to live on a tropical island and do nothing.

We all enjoy and strive to do something- it’s simple human nature. In the work environment, allowing a person to compile their own tasks or giving them the freedom to determine their priorities usually results in seeing what the individual really enjoys doing, which is where their freak factor typically exists. Given the choice, we are all often drawn to doing what we really like to do first.

What’s The Risk?
We are apt to hear the same complaints about jobs, bosses, and co-workers if people aren’t tapping into their passions and desires in the workplace. They will most likely be unhappy and it will present itself in a number of ways.

I challenge you to spend time thinking about what you’re truly passionate about and if you’re utilizing your freak factor skills. Share those passions and skills with those around you. If you are currently in a role and are dying to share your passion with others, take your manager out to lunch and lay your thoughts and ideas out on the table. If you are a manager that knows one of your direct reports has a certain knack or skill they are not be able to implement – put them on the right seat on the bus!
No matter what you decide to do in life, be you. The one thing each of us has the ability to be the absolute best at in the world, is being us.

Back in 2011, I made the decision to be me and tap into my passion and desire. My only hope is that you take this information and do something good with it. You can start with making sure that you match your profession with YOU!